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Marathon Health is a modern healthcare experience that drives outcomes and savings, for everyone.

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Award-winning worksite health services

We’re building momentum year after year with employers, members, providers—and even a prestigious industry award. We’ve been selected as the Best in KLAS Worksite Health Services provider for 2021—the only vendor in our category to win two years in a row.

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Healthcare should—and can—work better for your employees.

That means care that’s convenient and easy to access. That offers a fundamentally different experience focused on wellness before, during, and after a visit. That is focused on lowering costs, improving outcomes, and measurably better health. When you deliver care differently, good things happen.

The Marathon Method

Think of it as our prescription for a smarter, simpler healthcare experience.

Empower world-class clinicians

Our clinicians practice medicine the way they always intended—changing members’ lives for the better.

Create amazing member experiences

Members and providers build trusted relationships that don’t stop when the appointment ends.

Improve health outcomes

With ongoing support and health coaching, members are empowered to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Lower healthcare costs

When you think about proactive care as an investment in future health, it’s no surprise that our engaged members end up costing 25% less per capita.

More than a mission

Hundreds of employers have chosen to improve the lives of their employees with Marathon Health.

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Turning a Passion into a Health Coaching Career

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The Impact of Working Too Much

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We’re Best in KLAS Worksite Healthcare Services Provider – Two Years Running

February 4, 2021|Blog|

It’s time for modern healthcare

Join companies all across the country that have partnered with Marathon Health to provide best-in-class healthcare benefits to their employees. It may be the best decision you make all day!

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