Sphinx knowledge base tools

Language Factory
A set of tools for creating dictionaries, language models and for conditioning text corpora.


Logios provides tools for creating Sphinx decoder configurations from a Phoenix grammar. Logios is best suited for projects (such as dialog systems) for which a true corpus does not exist but for which it's netyheless necessary to define a user language. The Logios package is available from SourceForge. The following tool accesses the pronunciation component of Logios.
LexTool allows you to upload word lists and creates pronunciations for them.

Sphinx Configuration

Decoder Configurer (a)
Creates Sphinx lexical and language models from a sentence corpus provided by the user.Suitable for use with all Sphinx variants.
Decoder Configurer (b)
Creates Sphinx 2 acoustic maps and lexical models from an (existing) language model.
NOTE: this service is essentially obsolete.
You should upgrade your installation to Pocketsphinx. Sphinx 2 is no longer actively maintained.

Alex Rudnicky