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VXIinterpreterResult (*Validate)

(struct VXIinterpreterInterface* pThis,
  const VXIchar* name)

Load and parse an VXML document.


Load and parse an VXML document. This tests the validity.

name - [IN] Name of the VoiceXML document to fetch and execute, may be a URL or a platform dependant path. See the Open( ) method in VXIinet.h for details about supported names, however for URLs this must always be an absolute URL and any query arguments must be embedded.
VXIinterp_RESULT_SUCCESS if document exists and is valid VXIinterp_RESULT_FAILURE if document is invalid VXML VXIinterp_RESULT_FETCH_ERROR if document retrieval failed VXIinterp_RESULT_FETCH_TIMEOUT VXIinterp_RESULT_INVALID_ARGUMENT VXIinterp_RESULT_FATAL_ERROR VXIinterp_RESULT_OUT_OF_MEMORY

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