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Abstract VXI type library
o VXIvalueResult
Result codes for function methods
o VXIValueGetType
Get the type of a Value
o VXIValueDestroy
Generic Value destructor
o VXIValueClone
Generic Value clone
o VXIBooleanCreate
Create a Boolean from a VXIbool
o VXIBooleanDestroy
Boolean destructor
o VXIBooleanValue
Get the value of a Boolean
o VXIIntegerCreate
Create an Integer from a 32 bit integer
o VXIIntegerDestroy
Integer destructor
o VXIIntegerValue
Get the value of an Integer
o VXIFloatCreate
Create a Float from a 32 bit floating point number
o VXIFloatDestroy
Float destructor
o VXIFloatValue
Get the value of a Float
o VXIPtrCreate
Create a Ptr from a C pointer
o VXIPtrDestroy
Ptr destructor
o VXIPtrValue
Get the value of a Ptr
o VXIContentCreate
Create a Content from MIME content typed data
o VXIContentDestroy
Content destructor
o VXIContentValue
Get the value of a Content
o VXIStringCreate
Create a String from a null-terminated character array
o VXIStringCreateN
Create a String from a known-length character array
o VXIStringDestroy
String destructor
o VXIStringClone
String clone
o VXIStringSetValue
Set the value of a String from a null-terminated character array
o VXIStringValue
Get the value of a String
o VXIStringCStr
Get direct access to the NULL-terminated character value
o VXIStringLength
Get the number of characters in a String's value
o VXIStringCompare
Compares two Strings
o VXIStringCompareC
Compares a String to a NULL-terminated character array
o VXIMapCreate
Create an empty Map
o VXIMapDestroy
Map destructor
o VXIMapClone
Map clone
o VXIMapSetProperty
Set a named property on an Map
o VXIMapGetProperty
Get a named property from an Map
o VXIMapDeleteProperty
Delete a named property from an Map
o VXIMapNumProperties
Return the number of properties for an Map
o VXIMapGetFirstProperty
Get the first property of an Map and an iterator
o VXIMapGetNextProperty
Get the next property of an Map based on an iterator
o VXIMapIteratorDestroy
Destroy an iterator
o VXIVectorCreate
Create an empty Vector
o VXIVectorDestroy
Vector destructor
o VXIVectorClone
Vector clone
o VXIVectorAddElement
Adds an element to the end of the Vector
o VXIVectorSetElement
Set an indexed vector element
o VXIVectorGetElement
Get an indexed vector element
o VXIVectorLength
Return number of elements in a Vector
o VXIValueStringFormat
Formats for the string result of VXIValueToString, currently:
o VXIValueToString
Generic Value to string conversion
o VXIMapHolder
C++ wrapper class that makes it easier to work with VXIMaps
Abstract run-time types for VXI interferences and optionally implementation. These types mirror ECMAScript types (and could be implemented as such). They could also be implemented using C++ and STL, or using C. Using these abstract types rather than directly using an externally defined class library increases portability, and allows the implementers of each interface to independantly select external class libraries (or none at all) for their own implementation.

Each type is implemented as a handle that is obtained from a constructor and supports run-time typing. The owner (creator) of each type is responsible for freeing it by calling the appropriate destructor.

Note: When errors occur, constructors return a NULL object. Typically this is due to running out of memory, or a type mismatch for copy constructors.

The value types are as follows, note that the naming convention is VXI followed by the type name starting with an uppercase letter, while the simple VXI types in VXIvalue.h use VXI followed by the type name starting with a lowercase letter:

VXIValue Abstract base type for all the rest, can cast any type to this type and still determine the original type. Used to provide input/return values where the actual underlying type can vary.
VXIBoolean Container for a boolean (VXIbool)
VXIInteger Container for a 32-bit integer (VXIint32)
VXIFloat Container for a 32-bit float type (VXIflt32)
VXIString Container for a string (VXIchar)
VXIPtr Container for a untyped pointer (VXIptr)
VXIContent Container for MIME content typed data (VXIptr)
VXIMap Simple key/value container where the keys are of VXIchar type and the values are any of the abstract types defined here.
VXIVector Simple indexed vector that supports appending elements at the end, and getting and setting elements by index. There is no support for removing elements or insertions.

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