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Thread library
o VXItrdResult
Result codes for functions
o VXItrdMutexCreate
Create a mutex
o VXItrdMutexDestroy
Destroy a mutex
o VXItrdMutexLock
Lock a mutex
o VXItrdMutexUnlock
Unlock a Mutex
o VXItrdThreadCreate
Create a thread
o VXItrdThreadDestroyHandle
Destroy a thread handle
o VXItrdThreadExit
Terminate a thread (called by the thread to exit)
o VXItrdThreadJoin
Wait for the termination of a specified thread
o VXItrdThreadGetIDFromHandle
Get the thread ID for the specified thread
o VXItrdThreadGetID
Get the thread ID for the current thread
o VXItrdThreadYield
Yield execution of the current thread to other threads/processes
o VXItrdTimerCreate
Create a timer
o VXItrdTimerDestroy
Destroy a timer
o VXItrdTimerSleep
Suspend the current thread for a time period using a timer
o VXItrdTimerWake
Wakes a thread that is sleeping on a timer
o VXItrdInit
Initialize the TRD utilities library
o VXItrdShutDown
Shutdown the TRD utilities library
C function library for basic mutex, thread, and timer functionality to ensure portability across a wide variety of operating systems and integration models (multi-threaded, multi-process, etc.).

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