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Recognizer Interface
Keys identifying properties in VXIMap
o VXIrecBargeinType
Bargein types as set in the REC_BARGEIN_TYPE property defined above
o VXIrecInputMode
Input modes as set in the REC_INPUT_MODE property defined above and as returned in VXIrecResult structures
MIME content types for LoadGrammarURI( ) and LoadGrammarString( ), the implementation usually supports additional MIME types
o VXIrecRecordResult
Record results structure as returned by Record( )
o VXIrecTransferResult
Record results structure as returned by Record( )
o VXIrecResult
Result codes for interface methods
o VXIrecInterface
VXIrec interface for speech recognition
Abstract interface for recognition functionality required by VoiceXML. Recognition is performed against VXIrecGrammars, abstract grammar types managed by the interface. The exact grammar formats handled are implementation dependant.

If an asynchronous problem/error occurs in the platform's recognizer, the VXI is notified through the VXIrecResult code for the current or next function call.

There is one recognizer interface per thread/line.


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