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VXIPLATFORM_API VXIplatformResult VXIplatformInit

(VXIMap* args,
  VXIunsigned* nbChannels)

Performs initialization of the platform layer.


Performs initialization of the platform layer.

args - Configuration arguments. Implementation dependant.
nbChannels - The address of a pre-allocated VXIunsigned that is initialized with the number of available channels.
VXIplatform_SUCCES: success. VXIplatform_INVALID_ARGUMENT: the availableChannels is NULL or args does not contain valid configuration information. VXIplatform_ALREADY_INITIALIZED: the platform already had been successfully initialized. VXIplatform_TEL_ERROR: Cannot initialize the VXItel layer. VXIplatform_PROMPT_ERROR: Cannot initialize the VXIprompt layer. VXIplatform_REC_ERROR: Cannot initialize the VXIrec layer.

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