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VoiceXML platform interface
o VXIplatformResult
Result codes for the platform functions
o VXIplatformInit
Performs initialization of the platform layer.
o VXIplatformShutdown
Performs final cleanup of the platform layer.
o VXIplatformCreateResources
Creates a VXIplatform object for the specified channel number.
o VXIplatformDestroyResources
Destroys the VXIplatform and any associated resources.
o VXIplatformEnableCall
Enables the hardware to wait for call.
o VXIplatformWaitForCall
Waits for a call on the specified channel and answers the call
o VXIplatformProcessDocument
Starts the processing of the root document associated with the channel.
Interface that supports multiple system operator user interfaces by initializing the OpenVXI browser components and coordinating them to service calls.

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