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Abstract interface for logging errors, diagnostic logging, and event logging.
o VXIlogEvent
Standard VXIlog events
Macros to determine the availability of new methods
o VXIlogResult
Result codes for interface methods
o VXIlogInterface
VXIlog interface for logging

Across all streams, the log implementation is responsible for automatically supplying the following information in some manner (possibly encoded into a file name, possibly in a data header, possibly as part of each log message) for end consumer use:

In addition, for diagnostic logging the log implementation is responsible for defining a mechanism for enabling/disabling messages on an individual tag basis without requiring a recompile for use by consumers of the diagnostic log. It is critical that Diagnostic( ) is highly efficient for cases when the tag is disabled: in other words, the lookup for seeing if a tag (an integer) is enabled should be done using a simple array or some other extremely low-overhead mechanism. It is highly recommended that log implementations provide a way to enable/disable tags on-the-fly (without needing to restart the software), and log implementations should consider providing a way to enable/disable tabs on a per-channel basis (for enabling tags in tight loops where the performance impact can be large).

Each of the streams has fields that need to be allocated by developers. The rules for each follows. As background, several of these fields require following the rules for XML names: it must begin with a letter, underscore, or colon, and is followed by one or more of those plus digits, hyphens, or periods. However, colons must only be used when indicating XML namespaces, and the "vxi" and "swi" namespaces (such as "swi:SBprompt") are reserved for use by SpeechWorks International, Inc.


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