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typedef struct VXIinterpreterInterface

VXIinterpreter interface for VoiceXML execution
o GetVersion
Get the VXI interface version implemented
o GetImplementationName
Get the name of the implementation
o (*Run)
Run a VoiceXML document and optionally return the result
o (*SetProperties)
Specify runtime properties for the VoiceXML interpreter.
o (*Validate)
Load and parse an VXML document.
o (*RequestStop)
In the interpreter is running and doStop == TRUE, this will cause the in progress Run to return as soon as possible with VXIinterp_RESULT_STOPPED.
o (*InsertEvent)
Trigger an event
o (*ClearEventQueue)
Clear the event queue
Abstract interface for the VoiceXML intepreter, simply provides a single method for running the intepreter on a document and getting the document result.

There is one intepreter interface per thread/line.


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