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VXIVALUE_API VXIContent* VXIContentCreate

(const VXIchar* contentType,
  VXIbyte* content,
  VXIulong contentSizeBytes,
  void (*Destroy)(VXIbyte** content,
  void* userData),
  void* userData)

Create a Content from MIME content typed data


Create a Content from MIME content typed data

Thread-safe reference counting is used to allow sharing the data (typically large) across multiple clones while minimizing memory use. The passed Destroy( ) function is only called when the reference count drops to zero.

- contentType MIME content type for the data
- content Data to store, this pointer will merely be copied (no deep copy of the data will be done) so this pointer must remain valid until the Destroy function is called.
contentSizeBytes - Size of the data, in bytes
Destroy - Destructor called to release the data when no longer needed. Since this construction merely copies the pointer, this is mandatory.
userData - Optional user data pointer passed to destroy, typically used to hold a pointer to some larger data structure that contains the content so that larger data structure can be destroyed when the content is no longer required.

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