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VXIinterpreter interface
VXI interpreter interface
The OpenSpeech Browser VoiceXML engine is implemented as the VXIinterpreter interface. This interface provides methods for configuring the VoiceXML interpreter and then for executing a VoiceXML application (document) against a specified set of interfaces that represent the channel. This interface also provides the functions required to initialize and destroy the VoiceXML interpreter.

The OpenSpeech Browser implementation of this interface is the open source SpeechWorks OpenVXI, and forms the core of the OpenSpeech Browser PIK. Integrators may substitute their own modified version of the OpenVXI if they wish to extend the VoiceXML language, although integrators are highly encouraged to do so via the VoiceXML object element and the VXIobject interface whenever possible.

The OpenSpeech Browser uses most of the other VXI interfaces to service VoiceXML document execution. The only exceptions are the VXI hardware interfaces, where the browser does not directly interface with them, instead those interactions are transparently handled by the VXIprompt, VXIrec, and VXItel implementations.

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