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VXI interpreter interface
Keys identifying properties for SetProperties
Keys identifying properties for SetProperties
o VXIinterpreterResult
Result codes for interface methods
o VXIresources
Structure containing all the interfaces required by the VXI.
o VXIinterpreterInterface
VXIinterpreter interface for VoiceXML execution
o VXIinterpreterInit
Per-process initialization for VXIinterpreter.
o VXIinterpreterShutDown
Per-process de-initialization for VXIinterpreter.
o VXIinterpreterCreateResource
Create an interface to the VoiceXML interpreter.
o VXIinterpreterDestroyResource
Destroy and de-allocate a VXI interface
The OpenSpeech Browser core is the OpenVXI. The VXIinterpreter interface implements the VXI interface function to run the interface. In addition a set of process and thread initialization routines are provided to set-up and destroy the interpreter per thread.

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