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VXIcacheResult UnlockEx

(struct VXIcacheInterface* pThis,
  const VXIbyte* key,
  VXIulong keySizeBytes)

Unlock an entry that was previously locked into the cache given a binary key NOTE: Same as Unlock( ) but supports binary keys. This is only available as of version 1.1 of the VXIcacheInterface, use CACHE_UNLOCKEX_SUPPORTED( ) to determine availability.
This releases a cache lock on the indicated data. Note that it is up to the implementation to decide when to flush the data from the cache, it may choose to do so immediately or may do so at a later time.

key - [IN] Key name of the data to access, binary data (raw bytes) of an arbitrary length
keySizeBytes - [IN] Size of the key name in bytes
VXIcache_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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