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Types and Value Library

VXIvalue library and VXItypes header
o VXItypes
VXI type definitions
o VXIvalue
Abstract VXI type library
The OpenSpeech Browser defines VXI prefixed primitive types to ensure portability across a wide variety of operating systems. These types are defined in VXItypes.h, and are used throughout all the VXI interfaces as well as within implementations of those interfaces.

In addition, the OpenSpeech Browser defines a higher-level data type library that provides more complex functionality such as vectors, maps, and reference counted BLOBs (binary large objects) along with a variant type that allows mixing those plus strings, integers, floating point numbers, and pointer values within those data structures. These are used throughout all the VXI interfaces in order to efficiently pass complex data such as VoiceXML property sets through those interfaces in order to permit value added VXI components without having to modify the VXI interfaces or the implementation of other components.

The OpenSpeech Browser implements the VXIvalue library using a highly efficient C++ implementation which is distributed both with the OpenSpeech Browser PIK as well as with the SpeechWorks OpenSpeech Recognizer. Integrators typically do not need to modify this library, but will almost always need to understand and interact with this library as it is used throughout the OpenSpeech Browser interfaces and the reference code.

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