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VXIasResult TriggerResume

(struct VXIasInterface* pThis)

Resumes the delivery of audio input data
If an event listener returns an VXIasCb_RESULT_PAUSE_AUDIO return code, the Audio Source is requested to pause audio delivery. This call resumes audio delivery, where the buffered audio will be rapidly delivered until either it "catches up" with the real time audio input feed, or until an event listener pauses delivery again. (If the Audio Source audio buffer overflows, an AS_EVENT_OVERFLOW event is delivered.)

However, responding to VXIasCb_RESULT_PAUSE_AUDIO is optional. If the audio source cannot support that functionality, all calls to this should return VXIas_RESULT_UNSUPPORTED for symmetry.

VXIas_RESULT_NON_FATAL_ERROR if no record is in progress
VXIas_RESULT_UNSUPPORTED if pause/resume is not supported
Another VXIas_RESULT_[...] code for severe errors

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