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VXIscResult Transfer

(struct VXIscInterface* pThis,
  const VXIchar* transferDest,
  const VXIchar* mimeType,
  const VXIunsigned dataSizeBytes,
  const VXIscTransferType transferType,
  const VXIptr data)

Transfers the calling party to another party
This call is blocking. Two types of transfers are supported: bridge (supervised) and blind (unsupervised). For both, a SC_EVENT_TRANSFER_BEGIN event is delivered when the transfer is successfully initiated.

For blind transfers, this will be followed by a SC_EVENT_END, as the transfer operation terminates the session. There is no gaurantee that the far-end party will actually answer the call when performing a blind transfer.

For bridging transfers, the transfer is fully supervised, with the session being retained in a non-interactive state until the transfer completes. If the near-end party disconnects, a SC_EVENT_END is delivered, and the session terminates. If the far-end party disconnects normally or is disconnected (due to exceeding the maximum time limit), or the transfer failed (due to a no answer, network failure, etc.) a SC_EVENT_TRANSFER_COMPLETE event is delivered, this function returns, and the interactive session may proceed.

The SC_XFER_CONNECT_TIMEOUT property controls the amount of time allowed for a transfer connect attempt before the transfer is cancelled and the interactive session restored.

The SC_XFER_MAXTIME property controls the maximum time that the near-end and far-end parties may talk once they are connected. When this is exceeded, the far-end party is disconnected and the interactive session is restored.

Some Session Control implementations may support (or require) passing implementation defined data when performing a transfer.

transferDest - [IN] URI that identifies the transfer destination. Must support the tel: URI syntax as defined in RFC 2806 (, implementations can opt to support other URI formats as well.
mimeType - [IN] MIME content type of the implementation defined data, typically NULL
- dataSizeBytes [IN] Size of the implementation defined data, in bytes, typically 0
transferType - [IN] Type of transfer, VXIscXferType_BLIND or VXIscXferType_BRIDGE
- data [IN] Implementation defined data, typically NULL
VXIsc_RESULT_NEAR_END_DISCONNECT on a near-end disconnect
VXIsc_RESULT_FAR_END_DISCONNECT on a far-end disconnect
VXIsc_RESULT_NETWORK_DISCONNECT on a network disconnect
VXIsc_RESULT_NOANSWER on a no answer
VXIsc_RESULT_FAR_END_BUSY on a far-end busy
VXIsc_RESULT_NETWORK_BUSY on a network busy
VXIsc_RESULT_TIME_EXCEEDED on maximum connection time exceeded

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