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Thread Library

VXItrd library
o VXItrd
Thread library
The OpenSpeech Browser defines a set of C functions for basic mutex, thread, and timer functionality to ensure portability across a wide variety of operating systems and integration models (multi-threaded, multi-process, etc.). These functions are used throughout all the OpenSpeech Browser PIK component implementations and the reference code.

The OpenSpeech Browser implements the VXItrd library using a highly efficient operating system dependant implementation that is oriented towards a multi-threaded integration model. For a multi-process integration model, this library could be replaced with an alternate implementation that does not use threads, although it is usually better to simply perform direct kernel level locking and IPC within the integration components that communicate across processes or across systems (doing so may include building proxies for other OpenSpeech Browser PIK components that merely do IPC to another process that then invokes the original, unmodified OpenSpeech Browser PIK provided component).

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