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VXIscResult SetProperty

(struct VXIscInterface* pThis,
  const VXIchar* propertyName,
  const VXIunsigned valueBuffSizeBytes,
  const VXIptr value)

Set a property associated with the caller session
See the SC_[...] properties as defined above for the standard properties, each implementation may define additional properties as well.

propertyName - [IN] Name of property to set
valueBuffSizeBytes - [IN] Size of value, in bytes. For the standard properties, pass wcslen(valueStr) * sizeof(wchar_t)
value - [IN] Value for the property to set. Note this is an untyped pointer, it is up to the Session Control implementation to define the appropriate type for each property (all the standard properties are VXIchar * based).
VXIsc_RESULT_SUCCESS on success @result VXIsc_RESULT_NON_FATAL_ERROR for an invalid property

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