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( const VXIchar* filename,
  VXIint32 maxLogSizeBytes,
  VXIbool logToStdout,
  VXIbool keepLogFileOpen )

Global platform initialization of SBlogListeners


Global platform initialization of SBlogListeners

filename - Name of the file where diagnostic, error, and event information will be written. Pass NULL to disable logging to a file.
fileMimeType - MIME content type for the log file, currently SBLOG_MIME_TEXT_LATIN1 or SBLOG_MIME_TEXT_UTF8 as defined above, with SBLOG_MIME_TEXT_LATIN1 used if NULL or an empty string is passed.
maxLogSizeBytes - Maximum size of the log file, in bytes. When this size is exceeded, the log file is rotated, with the existing file moved to a backup name (.old) and a new log file started.
contentDir - Directory to use for storing large (potentially binary) content that is logged, such as VoiceXML documents or waveforms
maxContentDirSize - Maximum size, in Bytes, of the content logging directory (NOTE: currently not implemented, but will be in a future release)
logToStdout - TRUE to log diagnostic and error messages to standard out, FALSE to disable. Event reports are never logged to standard out.
keepLogFileOpen - TRUE to keep the log file continuously open, FALSE to close it when not logging. Performance is much better if it is kept open, but doing so prevents system operators from manually rotating the log file when desired (simply moving it to a new name from the command line, with a new log file being automatically created).
reportErrorText - TRUE to load the XML error mapping files as passed in errorMapFiles at startup so that when errors are logged the appropriate error text from the XML error mapping file is displayed. If FALSE, only the error number and module name are displayed, with the system operator or operations console software responsible for the error text lookup. TRUE is best for out-of-the-box developer use, while FALSE is best for production use (minimizes error reporting overhead and network bandwidth for transporting errors to the remote console).
errorMapFiles - Vector of paths to the XML error mapping files that maps error numbers to text for a specific component. Used when reportErrorText is TRUE, see above. @result VXIlog_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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