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typedef void SBlogEventListener

(struct SBlogInterface* pThis,
  VXIunsigned eventID,
  time_t timestamp,
  VXIunsigned timestampMsec,
  const VXIVector* keys,
  const VXIVector* values,
  void* userdata)

Prototype for event listener notification
All event listener registrants must conform to this signature.

pThis - [IN] pointer to the SBlogInterface that issued the callback
eventID - [IN] event number
timestamp - [IN] time_t for the time of the log event
timestampMsec - [IN] Milliseconds for the time of the log event
keys - [IN] VXIVector of keys, all VXIString types
values - [IN] VXIVector of values, each a VXIInteger, VXIFloat, VXIString, or VXIPtr
userdata - [IN] User data that is delivered in the callback.

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