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typedef void SBlogDiagnosticListener

(struct SBlogInterface* pThis,
  VXIunsigned tagID,
  const VXIchar* subtag,
  time_t timestamp,
  VXIunsigned timestampMsec,
  const VXIchar* printmsg,
  void* userdata)

Prototype for diagnostic listener notification
All diagnostic listener registrants must conform to this signature.

pThis - [IN] pointer to the SBlogInterface that issued the callback
tagID - [IN] Identifier that classifies a group of logically associated diagnostic messages (usually from a single software module) that are desirable to enable or disable as a single unit. See the top of this file for tagID allocation rules.
subtag - [IN] Arbitrary string that may be used to subdivide the diagnostic messages of that tagID, or provide additional standardized information such as the source file, function, or method. There are no rules for the content of this field.
timestamp - [IN] time_t the time of the log event
timestampMsec - [IN] Milliseconds for the time of the log event
printmsg - [IN] NULL terminated string to be printed.
userdata - [IN] User data that is delivered in the callback.

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