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SBINET_API VXIinetResult SBinetInit

(VXIlogInterface* log,
  const VXIunsigned diagLogBase,
  const VXIchar* reserved1,
  const VXIint reserved2,
  const VXIint reserved3,
  const VXIint reserved4,
  const VXIchar* proxyServer,
  const VXIulong proxyPort,
  const VXIchar* userAgentName,
  const VXIMap* extensionRules,
  const VXIVector* reserved)

Global platform initialization of SBinet


Global platform initialization of SBinet

- log VXI Logging interface used for error/diagnostic logging, only used for the duration of this function call
reserved1 - Reserved for future use
reserved2 - Reserved for future use
reserved3 - Reserved for future use
reserved4 - Reserved for future use
proxyServer - Name of the proxy server to use for HTTP access, pass a server name or IP address, or NULL to do direct HTTP access.
proxyPort - Port number for accessing the proxy server.
userAgentName - HTTP user agent name sent in all HTTP messages. Must be of the form / with no spaces, such as "OpenVXI/1.0". When using the OpenVXI application name or a derrivative, use use VXI_CURRENT_VERSION_STR for the version.
extensionRules - Rules for mapping file extensions to MIME content types, used for that purpose when accessing local files and file:// URLs. Each key in the map must be an extension (period followed by the extension such as ".txt") with the value being the MIME content type for that extension. Copied internally so the pointer that is passed in still belongs to the caller.
reserved - Reserved VXIVector, pass NULL @result VXIinet_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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