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SBinet implementation of VXIinet
Default value for the User Agent Name parameter of SBinetInit()
o SBinetInit
Global platform initialization of SBinet
o SBinetInitEx
Global platform initialization (extended version) of SBinet.
o SBinetShutDown
Global platform shutdown of SBinet
o SBinetCreateResource
Create a new inet service handle
o SBinetDestroyResource
Destroy the interface and free internal resources.
SBinet interface, and implementation of the VXIinet abstract interface for Internet functionality including HTTP requests, local file access, URL caching, memory buffer caching, and cookie access.

The interface is a synchronous interface based on the ANSI/ISO C standard file I/O interface, the only exception is that pre-fetches are asynchronous. The client of the interface may use this in an asynchronous manner by using non-blocking I/O operations, creating threads, or by invoking this from a separate server process.

This implementation currently does NOT support INET_MODE_WRITE for http:// access (HTTP PUT), and only supports http://, file://, and OS dependant paths.

There is one Internet interface per thread/line.

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