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SBCACHE_API VXIcacheResult SBcacheInit

(VXIlogInterface* log,
  const VXIunsigned diagLogBase,
  const VXIchar* cacheDir,
  const int cacheSizeMB,
  const int entryMaxSizeMB,
  const int entryExpTimeSec,
  VXIbool unlockEntries,
  const int cacheLowWaterMB)

Global platform initialization of SBcache


Global platform initialization of SBcache

- log VXI Logging interface used for error/diagnostic logging, only used for the duration of this function call
cacheDir - Cache directory name
cacheSizeMB - Maximum size of the data in the cache directory, in megabytes
entryMaxSizeMB - Maximum size of any individual cache entry, in megabytes
entryExpTimeSec - Maximum amount of time any individual cache entry will remain in the cache, in seconds
unlockEntries - TRUE to unlock locked entries on startup (from using CACHE_FLAG_LOCK and CACHE_FLAG_LOCK_MEMORY), FALSE to leave them locked. In most cases it is best to pass TRUE with the platform re-adding locked entries at startup in order to avoid having obsolete locked entries fill up the cache. However, for some multi-process oriented integrations it may be necessary to pass FALSE and do this cleanup in some other way. @result VXIcache_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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