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SBcache implementation of VXIcache
o SBcacheInit
Global platform initialization of SBcache
o SBcacheShutDown
Global platform shutdown of SBcache
o SBcacheCreateResource
Create a new cache service handle
o SBcacheDestroyResource
Destroy the interface and free internal resources.
SBcache interface, and implementation of the VXIcache abstract interface which permits writing arbitrary data into the cache with a client supplied key name, then retrieving that data from the cache one or more times by reading against that key name.

Normally the cache implementation can choose to discard the data between the write and the read when necessary (due to running out of cache space, etc.), but it is also possible for clients to lock data in the cache to support built-in grammars and other data that is explicitly provisioned by system administrators and thus must not be removed unless by explicit system administrator command.

See VXIcache.h for additional details.

This implementation currently does NOT factor in CACHE_CREATION_COST when determining how to clean up the cache, and all caching is done on disk resulting in CACHE_FLAG_LOCK_MEMORY being treated as CACHE_FLAG_LOCK. In addition, CACHE_FLAG_NONBLOCKING_IO is ignored, disk I/O is done in a blocking manner (usually undetectable by clients since local disks are used). Long key names are handled using MD5 digests as described as a potential implementation choice in VXIcache.h.

There is one cache interface per thread/line.

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