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VXIinterpreterResult (*Run)

(struct VXIinterpreterInterface* pThis,
  const VXIchar* name,
  const VXIchar* sessionScript,
  VXIValue** result)

Run a VoiceXML document and optionally return the result


Run a VoiceXML document and optionally return the result

name - [IN] Name of the VoiceXML document to fetch and execute, may be a URL or a platform dependant path. See the Open() method in VXIinet.h for details about supported names, however for URLs this must always be an absolute URL and any query arguments must be embedded.
sessionScript - [IN] A series of ECMAScript expressions which will be evaluated by the VXI to populate the session scope in ECMAScript.
result - [OUT] (Optional, pass NULL if not desired.) Return value for the VoiceXML document (from ), this is allocated on success and when there is an exit value (a NULL pointer is returned otherwise), the caller is responsible for destroying the returned value by calling VXIValueDestroy().
[From normal operation] VXIinterp_RESULT_SUCCESS on success VXIinterp_RESULT_FAILURE if normal error occured VXIinterp_RESULT_STOPPED if aborted by Stop [During initialization from defaults] VXIinterp_RESULT_FETCH_TIMEOUT VXIinterp_RESULT_FETCH_ERROR VXIinterp_RESULT_INVALID_DOCUMENT [Serious errors] VXIinterp_RESULT_FATAL_ERROR VXIinterp_RESULT_OUT_OF_MEMORY VXIinterp_RESULT_PLATFORM_ERROR VXIinterp_RESULT_INVALID_ARGUMENT

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