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VXIlogResult RegisterDiagonsticListener

( struct SBlogInterface* pThis,
  SBlogDiagnosticListener* alistener,
  void* userdata)

Subscribe the given listener for a diagnostic message.
The given listener will be notified for all diagnostic messages (via VXIlog::Diagnostic or VDiagnostic calls) as each calls is processed by SBlog. The set of Diagnostics that are returned is controlled by ControlDiagnosticTag to either true or false. By default all tags are assumed to be false when the listener is registered, and therefore off. A tag must be specifically turned to true (enabled) before any callbacks will be generated. If a tag is enabled, all callbacks that registered on a given SBlog interface will be invoked. Generally, only one callback will be registered on each interface.

alistener - [IN] Subscribing listener
userdata - [IN] User data that will be returned to the listener when notification occurs. Note: the same listener may be registered multiple times, as long as unique userdata is passed. In this case, the listener will be called once for each unique userdata.
VXIlog_RESULT_SYSTEM_ERROR: internal error

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