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VXIinetResult Prefetch

(struct VXIinetInterface* pThis,
  const VXIchar* moduleName,
  const VXIchar* name,
  VXIinetOpenMode mode,
  VXIint32 flags,
  const VXIMap* properties)

Prefetch information (non-blocking)
Note that this is optional, it does not need to be called prior to Open( ).

Use the INET_PREFETCH_PRIORITY property to provide a hint to indicate the priority of the prefetch. Note that the implementation may opt to ignore the prefetch request (for example a low priority prefetch when the cache is already full with frequently used information).

moduleName - [IN] Name of the software module that is outputting the error. See the top of VXIlog.h for moduleName allocation rules.
name - [IN] Name of the data to fetch, see Open( ) for a description of supported types
mode - [IN] Reserved for future use, pass INET_MODE_READ
flags - [IN] Reserved for future use, pass 0
properties - [IN] Properties to control the prefetch, as listed above. May be NULL. Of particular note are: INET_PREFETCH_PRIORITY, hint to indicate whether and how soon to prefetch the data INET_URL_BASE, base URL for resolving relative URLs INET_URL_QUERY_ARGS, map containing key/value pairs for HTTP queries, where the name of each key is the query argument name, and the value of each key is a VXIValue subclass that provides the value for that argument
VXIinet_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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