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VXIpromptResult PlayFiller

(struct VXIpromptInterface* pThis,
  const VXIchar* type,
  const VXIchar* src,
  const VXIchar* text,
  const VXIMap* properties,
  VXIlong minPlayMsec)

Queues and possibly starts the special play of a filler segment, non-blocking
This plays a standard segment in a special manner in order to satisfy "filler" needs. A typical example is the VoiceXML fetchaudio attribute, used to specify filler audio that gets played while a document fetch is being performed and then interrupted once the fetch completes.

The filler segment is played to the caller once all active Play() operations, if any, have completed. If Play(), Wait(), or PlayFiller() is called before the filler segment starts playing it is cancelled and never played. If one of those functions is instead called after the filler segment starts playing, the filler segment is stopped once the minimum playback duration expires.

NOTE: this does not trigger the play of segments that have been queued but not yet played via Play().

type - [IN] Type of segment, either a MIME content type, a sayas class name, or NULL to automatically detect a MIME content type (only valid when src is non-NULL). The supported MIME content types and sayas class names are implementation dependant.
src - [IN] URI or platform dependant path to the content; NULL when specifying in-memory text.
text - [IN] Text (possibly with markup) to play via TTS or sayas classes, pass NULL when src is non-NULL. The format of text for TTS playback may be W3C SSML (type set to VXI_MIME_SSML) or simple wchar_t text (type set to VXI_MIME_UNICODE_TEXT). The implementation may also support other formats.
properties - [IN] Properties to control the fetch, queue, and play, as specified above. May be NULL.
minPlayMsec - [IN] Minimum playback duration for the filler prompt once it starts playing, in milliseconds. This is used to "lock in" a play so that no less then this amount of audio is heard by the caller once it starts playing, avoiding confusion from audio that is played for an extremely brief duration and then cut off. Note that the filler prompt may never be played at all, however, if cancelled before it ever starts playing as described above.
VXIprompt_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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