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VXIinetResult Open

(struct VXIinetInterface* pThis,
  const VXIchar* moduleName,
  const VXIchar* name,
  VXIinetOpenMode mode,
  VXIint32 flags,
  const VXIMap* properties,
  VXIMap* streamInfo,
  VXIinetStream** stream)

Open a stream for reading or writing
All implementations must support opening a URL for reading using file: or http: access, and opening a platform dependant path for reading. All implementations must support all the flags for each of the above. For all other combinations support is implementation dependant (i.e. write for URLs and platform dependant paths).

For URLs, the only accepted unsafe characters are: { } [ ] ^ ~ ' They will be escaped if only when processing a HTTP request.

moduleName - [IN] Name of the software module that is outputting the error. See the top of VXIlog.h for moduleName allocation rules.
name - [IN] Name of the data to fetch, see above for supported types
mode - [IN] Mode to open the data with, an INET_MODE value as defined above
flags - [IN] Flags to control the open: INET_FLAG_NONBLOCKING_IO, non-blocking reads and writes, although the open and close is still blocking
properties - [IN] Properties to control the open, as listed above. May be NULL. Of particular note are: INET_URL_BASE, base URL for resolving relative URLs INET_URL_QUERY_ARGS, map containing key/value pairs for HTTP queries, where the name of each key is the query argument name, and the value of each key is a VXIValue subclass that provides the value for that argument
streamInfo - [OUT] (Optional, pass NULL if not required) Map that will be populated with information about the stream. See the INET_INFO_[...] keys listed above, with the implementation possibly setting other keys
stream - [OUT] Handle to the opened stream
VXIinet_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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