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Object Interface

VXIobject interface
o VXIobject
Object interface
The OpenSpeech Browser invokes VoiceXML object elements through the VXIobject interface. This interface provides methods for executing arbitrary objects, permitting integrator specific extensions to the VoiceXML language.

The OpenSpeech Browser provides a basic VXIobject implementation. This implementation looks up and executes objects that are implemented as C/C++ code within the implementation. For each execution, it provides access to nearly all of the VXI interfaces for the channel in order to permit objects that perform advanced functionality such as telephony, recognition, prompting, ECMAScript execution, and internet access.

This implementation currently implements two objects: one that merely returns the object arguments as the result, and another that provides extended diagnostic logging via the VXIlog interface. Additional objects are easily added by modifying the implementation's object lookup table. See src/client/api/SBobject.cpp in the distribution, which is built into SBclient.dll.

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