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Logging Interface

VXIlog interface
o VXIlog
Abstract interface for logging errors, diagnostic logging, and event logging.
o SBlog
SBlog implementation of VXIlog
o SBlogListeners
Reference implementation of SBlog listeners
The OpenSpeech Browser logs through the VXIlog interface. This interface provides a mechanism for error logging, event logging, and diagnostic logging.

The OpenSpeech Browser includes a logging implementation called SBlog that processes logging requests and forwards the results to one or more log listeners (C callbacks) for output.

Reference log listeners are provided in source form that output errors and diagnostic messages to a file and optionally the console, with event messages being output to the OpenSpeech Recognizer event log file. See src/HW/client/api/SBlogListeners.cpp in the distribution for these reference listeners, which are built into SBclient.dll.

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