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Hardware Integration Interface

VXIaudioPlayer, VXIaudioSource, and VXIsessionControl interfaces
o VXIaudioPlayer
Audio Player Interface
o VXIaudioSource
Audio Source Interface
o VXIsessionControl
Session Control Interface
The OpenSpeech Browser uses three interfaces to communicate with the telephony hardware. These interfaces must be implemented by the platform in order for the OpenSpeech Browser to run on that specific hardware platform. In particular, the VXIsessionControl interface is the primary place where additional session control capabilities can be added into the browser.

The OpenSpeech Browser provides a reference implementation of these three interfaces for Dialogic CSP enabled hardware using Dialogic GlobalCall and Microsoft Visual Studio project files to compile the reference implementations. See the src/HW/Dialogic directory in the distribution, the results of which build into SBhw.dll.

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