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VXIjsiResult (*GetVar)

(struct VXIjsiInterface* pThis,
  const VXIjsiContext* context,
  const VXIchar* name,
  VXIValue** value)

Get the value of a variable


Get the value of a variable

context - [IN] ECMAScript context to get the variable from
name - [IN] Name of the variable to get
value - [OUT] Value of the variable, returned as the VXI type that most closely matches the variable's ECMAScript type. This function allocates this for return on success (returns a NULL pointer otherwise), the caller is responsible for destroying it via VXIValueDestroy( ). VXIMap is used to return ECMAScript objects.
VXIjsi_RESULT_SUCCESS on success, VXIjsi_RESULT_FAILURE if the variable has a ECMAScript value of Null, VXIjsi_RESULT_NON_FATAL_ERROR if the variable is not defined (ECMAScript Undefined), or another error code for severe errors

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