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VXIinetResult GetCookieJar

(struct VXIinetInterface* pThis,
  VXIVector** jar,
  VXIbool* changed)

Get the cookie jar
The caller of VXIinet is responsible for persistent storage of the cookie jar if desired. This is done by calling SetCookieJar( ) with the caller's cookie jar at the start of each call (use an empty cookie jar if this is a new caller), then calling this function to retrieve the updated cookie jar at the end of the call for storage. When the cookie jar is returned, any expired cookies will have been deleted.

jar - [OUT] Cookie jar, returned as a newly allocated VXIVector (see the description of the cookie jar structure above, it may be empty). The client is responsible for destroying this via VXIVectorDestroy( ) when appropriate.
changed - [OUT] Flag to indicate whether the cookie jar has been modified since SetCookieJar( ), allows suppressing the write of the cookie jar to persistant storage when that operation is expensive. Pass NULL if this information is not desired.
VXIinet_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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