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VXIobjResult (*Execute)

(struct VXIobjectInterface* pThis,
  const VXIMap* properties,
  const VXIMap* parameters,
  VXIValue** result)

Execute an object


Execute an object

properties - [IN] Map containing properties and attributes for the <object> as specified above.
parameters - [IN] Map containing parameters for the <object> as specified by the VoiceXML tag. The keys of the map correspond to the parameter name ("name" attribute) while the value of each key corresponds to a VXIValue based type. For each parameter, any ECMAScript expressions are evaluated by the interpreter. Then if the "valuetype" attribute is set to "ref" the parameter value is packaged into a VXIMap with three properties: OBJECT_VALUE: actual parameter value OBJECT_VALUETYPE: "valuetype" attribute value OBJECT_TYPE: "type" attribute value Otherwise a primitive VXIValue based type will be used to specify the value.
result - [OUT] Return value for the <object> execution, this is allocated on success, the caller is responsible for destroying the returned value by calling VXIValueDestroy( ). The object's field variable will be set to this value.
VXIobj_RESULT_SUCCESS on success, VXIobj_RESULT_NON_FATAL_ERROR on error, VXIobj_RESULT_UNSUPPORTED for unsupported object types (this will cause interpreter to throw the correct event)

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