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VXIlogResult EventVector

(struct VXIlogInterface* pThis,
  VXIunsigned eventID,
  const VXIVector* keys,
  const VXIVector* values)

Log an event (VXIVector variant) NOTE: This is only available as of version 1.1 of the VXIlogInterface, use LOG_EVENT_VECTOR_SUPPORTED( ) to determine availability.
Same as Event , but a vector of keys and a vector of values is supplied as arguments to make it possible to build dynamic lists of key/value pairs for logging (such as event logging of recognition results)

eventID - [IN] Event number to log, this is mapped to a localized event name that is placed in the event log. It is critical that this provide unambiguous information about the nature of the event. See the top of this file for eventID allocation rules.
keys - [IN] Key names for the event data, where keys[i] is the key for the value in value[i]. Each key must be a VXIString.
values - [IN] Values for the event data. Each value must be a VXIInteger, VXIFloat, VXIString, or VXIPtr.
VXIlog_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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