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VXIlogResult Diagnostic

(struct VXIlogInterface* pThis,
  VXIunsigned tagID,
  const VXIchar* subtag,
  const VXIchar* format,

Log a diagnostic message
Basic diagnostic reporting mechanism. Diagnostic messages are reported by moduleName, tag id, subtag, a format, and a variable length argument list.

tagID - [IN] Identifier that classifies a group of logically associated diagnostic messages (usually from a single software module) that are desirable to enable or disable as a single unit. See the top of this file for tagID allocation rules.
subtag - [IN] Arbitrary string that may be used to subdivide the diagnostic messages of that tagID, or provide additional standardized information such as the source file, function, or method. There are no rules for the content of this field.
format - [IN] Format string as passed to wprintf( ) (the wchar_t version of printf( ) as defined by the ANSI C standard) for outputting free-form diagnostic text. This is followed by a variable list of arguments that supply values for insertion into the format string, also as passed to wprintf( ).

NOTE: Do NOT use %C and %S in the format string for inserting narrow character strings (char and char *) as supported by some compilers, as this is not portable and may result in system crashes on some UNIX variants if the VXIlog implementation uses the compiler supplied ...printf( ) family of functions for handling these variable argument lists.
... - [IN] Arguments matching the free-form diagnostic text format specified above.

VXIlog_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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