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VXIcacheResult CloseEx

(struct VXIcacheInterface* pThis,
  VXIbool keepEntry,
  VXIcacheStream** stream)

Close a previously opened stream NOTE: Same as Close( ) but supports invalidating the entry. This is only available as of version 1.1 of the VXIcacheInterface, use CACHE_CLOSEEX_SUPPORTED( ) to determine availability.
Close a previously opened stream. If Close is called on a NULL stream or a previously closed stream an error will be returned

keepEntry - [IN] TRUE to indiate the write was a success and the cache entry should be retained, FALSE to indicate the write failed (typically due to a data source read unexpectedly failing)
stream - [IN/OUT] Stream to close, set to NULL on success
VXIcache_RESULT_SUCCESS on success

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