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Vocalocity's OpenVXI

Vocalocity's OpenVXI 3.0

OpenVXI is a portable open source library that interprets the VoiceXML dialog markup language (www.voicexml.org). It closely follows the VoiceXML 2.0 draft specification, avoiding proprietary extensions of any kind.

OpenVXI is only one component of a complete VoiceXML platform. It includes only simulated speech recognition, prompt and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities, and telephony functions, with users responsible for providing integration to actual components. Nonetheless, OpenVXI provides a strong base that is far preferable to starting from scratch.

OpenVXI is designed for portability. It is suitable for use in VoiceXML-based applications such as browsers, testers, and debuggers on a wide variety of architectures. Though workable for desktop systems, it targets telephony platforms in particular.

OpenVXI is designed to serve as a reference for understanding how VoiceXML interpreters work. OpenVXI was originally developed by SpeechWorks International, and maintained by Scansoft before passing to Vocalocity in August 2004.


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