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Research Directions in Dialogue Processing

May 31st – June 1st, 2003

Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Submission due date: March 21st, 2003

This workshop will provide a forum for discussion of current directions in dialog research, specifically to assess the current state of the art in the area of dialogue processing, and to identify key themes and directions that are driving research in the field.
Progress in research presupposes the existence of a common infrastructure that includes tools and corpora, evaluation techniques as well as some consensus on effective research paradigms. Thus one of the outcomes of the workshop will be a set of recommendations for developing and supporting infrastructure, and encouraging agreement on research paradigms and evaluation methodologies.
The motivation to hold a workshop at this time is the need to establish the role of dialogue as a core element in human-human and human-computer communication, to identify the resources that are needed to support research in the area and to define its role in the forthcoming NSF Human Language and Communication program.

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