Q6.6: Speaker Recognition (Verification and Identification)


Speaker recognition is the process of automatically recognizing who is speaking on the basis of individual information included in speech signals. It can be divided into Speaker Identification and Speaker Verification. Speaker identification determines which registered speaker provides a given utterance from amongst a set of known speakers. Speaker verification accepts or rejects the identity claim of a speaker - is the speaker the person they say they are?

Speaker recognition technology makes it possible to a the speaker's voice to control access to restricted services, for example, phone access to banking, database services, shopping or voice mail, and access to secure equipment.

Both technologies require users to "enroll" in the system, that is, to give examples of their speech to a system so that it can characterise (or learn) their voice patterns.

In the FAQ:

* ImagineNation: Voice Activated UnLock Technology
* Jialong He's Speaker Recognition (Identification) Tool
* Keyware Biometric Security Products
* SpeakerKey Voice Verifier from ITT
* SpeakEZ Voice Print Speaker Verification
* Voice Control Systems: Speaker Verification Technology

On the WWW

Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology
Report edited by Ronald A. Cole et. al. with a section on Speaker Recognition.
Speaker Identification And Verification: LIMSI Report
A technical description.
Long Index of References on Automatic Speaker Verification
A list of more than 350 papers on speaker verification in text or BibTeX format. Provided by G.Matas.
CAVE: Caller Verification in Banking and Telecommunications
European consortium developing speaker recognition technologies.
Hangai Lab demonstrations of speaker verification and speaker identification.
Do it yourself demonstrations:

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