Q6.5: Speech Recognition Hardware and Software

The number of speech recognition packages, and the information about the software is changing rapidly. Any help with keeping this information up to date will be appreciated.

In the FAQ:

The following speech recognition software/hardware is described in the comp.speech FAQ.

Apple Macintosh
* Digital Dreams Speech Recognition Plug-Ins
* Dragon Dictation Products
* Macintosh Speech Recognition Manager
* PowerSecretary

Windows (including 95, NT, 3.1)
* AT&T Watson Speech Recognition
* Cambridge Voice for Windows
* CustomVoice and CustomTelephone: A&G Graphics Interface Inc.
* DragonDictate for Windows
* Dragon Dictation Products
* Dragon Developer Tools
* Ficomp Interpreter 6000
* IBM VoiceType Dictation and Control
* Kurzweil Speech Recognition (2 products)
* Lernout & Hauspie ASR SDK
* Listen for Windows 2.0 from Verbex Voice Systems
* Microsoft Speech Recognition
* NCC Dictate
* Phonetic Engine 500 (PE500) from Speech Systems, Inc.
* Philips Speech Recognition (2 products)
* ProNotes Voice Tools
* PureSpeech
* smARTspeak from Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc.
* Visual Voice from Stylus Innovation
* VoiceAssist for Windows from Creative Labs, Inc.
* VoiceServer for Windows
* Whisper
* WildCard Speech Products

* DATAVOX - French
* Dragon Developer Tools
* Ficomp Interpreter 6000
* Jialong He's Speech Recognition Research Tool
* smARTspeak from Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc.
* Votan VPC2100 Voice Card and VSP 1010 Speech Processor

* IBM VoiceType Dictation and Control

* AbbotDemo
* BBN Hark Telephony Recognizer
* EARS: Single Word Recognition Package
* Ficomp Interpreter 6000
* Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) from Entropic
* Jialong He's Speech Recognition Research Tool
* Lotec Speech Recognition Package
* Myers' Hidden Markov Model software
* NICO Artificial Neural Network Toolkit
* Nuance Speech Recognition System
* PureSpeech
* recnet

Integrated Circuits and Dedicated Hardware
* HM2007 - Speech Recognition Chip
* OKI VRP6679 - Speech Recognition Chip
* Sensory Inc. Integrated Circuits
* Speech Commander - Verbex Voice Systems
* Voice Control Systems Recognition
* VCS 2030 & 2060 Voice Dialer

Other Platforms
* Simon Says (NeXT)
* Voice Command Line Interface (Amiga)
* Visus SpeechKit

* Berkeley Restaurant Project (BeRP)
* Lernout & Hauspie ASR (3 products)
* Voice-Trek 2.0
* Voicetek Corp.
* Voice Processing Corporation Speech Recognition Product Line

Speech Recognition Processors (ICs)

Jean-Pierre Lereboullet has put together a detailed list of Voice Recognition Processors which covers about 15 ICs and pieces of related hardware (including D6106, HM2007, MSM6679, RSC-164, TC8860F/64F/65F, 5A128).
The document is available on the comp.speech ftp server:

Recognition Information on the WWW

In addition to the entries on speech recognition in this FAQ, the following WWW sites provide information on speech recognition:

Commercial Speech Recognition: Russ Wilcox of PureSpeech Inc.
Macintosh Speech Resources and Apps
Speech Recognition Information: 21st Century Eloquence
Applied Speech Technology Laboratory of CLSI at Stanford
Speech Toys Speech Recognition Page
Speech recognition product lists: postings to comp.speech
Search Alta Vista for Speech Recognition
Search Lycos for Speech Recognition
Yahoo pages on Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition Resellers and Value-Added Services

2470 El Camino Real, Suite 110, Palo Alto CA 94306-1701
Ph: 415-857-1320, Fax: 415-856-6996
WWW: http://www.1stvoice.com/
Email: mail@1stvoice.com
Dragon Dictation Products
21st Century Eloquence
325-A Royal Poinciana Plaza, Palm Beach, Florida 33480, USA
Ph: 800-245-2133, Fax: 407-835-4901
WWW: http://www.voicerecognition.com/
Kurzweil, IBM VoiceType, Dragon, Kolvox
Auscript (Australia)
Suite 2, Level 3, 60-70 Elizabeth St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Ph: +61-2-238 6565, Fax: +61-2-238 6566
WWW: http://www.auscript.com.au/
Dragon Systems
WWW: http://www.brite.com/
Computer Telephony Integration & Interactive Voice Response
DAX Systems, Inc.
30 Chapin Road, Unit 1201, P.O. Box 778, Pine Brook, NJ/USA 07058
Ph: +1-201-227-8111, Fax: +1-201-227-8197
Email: info@daxsystems.com
WWW: http://www.daxsystems.com/
Computer Telephony and Integrated Voice Response
HealthCare Resources
1444 Aviation Blvd, #103, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, USA
Ph: +1-310-937-5156, Fax: +1-310-937-5159
EMail: Scalif@AOL.COM
Power Secretary & Dragon Dictate. Specializing in: Medical/Dental, Motion Picture Industry, Carpal Tunnel related and Disabled Persons.
O'Brien Resources
Ph: (540) 347-4988 (Address unknown)
Email: obrien@crosslink.net
WWW: http://www.crosslink.net/~obrien/
Kurzweil Voice Recognition Products
SCI VoiceAutomated
215 1/2 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, USA
Ph: 800-597-6600, Ph: +1-714-969-7632, Fax: +1-714-969-0122
IBM VoiceType, Kurzweil Voice, DragonDictate and Philips speech.
3095 Kerner Blvd., Suite S, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA
Ph: (415) 455-9700, Fax: (415) 455-9801
WWW: http://www.synapseadaptive.com/
Dragon Systems, Kurzweil and IBM products.
Talk Technology
Ph: 1-800-270-1672, Fax: 1-516-360-1213
Email: info@talktechnology.com
Talk Technology, Inc.
Tel: +1-718-745-9199, Fax: +1-718-499-6480
Email: mnm@pipeline.com
WWW: http://www.usbusiness.com/talk/
Dragon Dictate and portable (notebook) solutions
ToppCopy Telecom
Email: ffalzett@toppcopy.com
WWW: http://www.toppcopy.com/
Philips Digital Dictation
VoiceWare Systems
230 California Street, Suite 410, San Francisco, CA 94111
Ph: (415) 433-2001, Fax: (415) 433-6909
Email: info@talk2type.com
WWW: http://www.talk2type.com/home.htm
IBM, Dragon Systems, Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, WildCard Technologies
A.D.A. Solutions by WorkLink
2566-A Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California 94704 USA
Ph: 510-848-8363, Fax:510-848-7322
WWW: http://www.worklink.net/
Email: wayne@worklink.net
Dragon Dictation Products

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