Q2.5: Signal processing in speech technology

This question is far to big to be answered in a FAQ posting. Here are some WWW resources and books which cover the area well.

Tony Robinson's Course Notes

Dr. Tony Robinson of the Engineering Dept of Cambridge University has put his Speech Analysis course notes on the web. The base page is http://svr-www.eng.cam.ac.uk/~ajr/SA95/. There is information on the following:

Joseph Picone's Course Notes

Joseph Picone of the Institute for Signal and Information Processing (ISIP) at Mississippi State University has put two sets of course notes on the web:

EE 4773/6773: Digital Signal Processing
The course covers sampling, frequency analysis, z-transforms, filter design and more. The WWW site provides the syllabus, assignments, some source code data, exams, homework and solutions, lecture notes and more.
EE 8993: Fundamentals of Speech Recognition
The course covers background probability and phonetics/acoustics, speech signal analysis, dynamic programming, dynamic time warping, hidden Markov modelling, language modelling, neural networks, etc. The WWW sites provides the syllabus and lecture notes.

Signal Processing Home page

The Signal Processing Home page has information on a range of DSP issues. It includes references to a range of software and much more.

Books and other References

There are many good books which discuss signal processing for speech:

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