Comp.Speech FAQ Weekly Reminder

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) posting is available for the comp.speech newsgroup. It covers a range of speech technology issues, provides information on over 200 speech technology products, software packages and resources, and includes links to over 500 speech locations on the internet. Please check the FAQ before posting a request for information. The list of software and products and the FAQ contents are included below.

The FAQ is posted every 4 weeks to comp.speech, comp.answers & news.answers. This reminder is posted weekly to comp.speech.

The best way to read the comp.speech FAQ in on the World Wide Web:

It is also available for ftp from the comp.speech archive site:

Or from the news.answers ftp site (and its mirrors):

Or by sending email to with the following line in the body of the message:

The FAQ posting and the Comp.Speech WWW Site are maintained on a volunteer basis by

Andrew Hunt
Speech Applications Group, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Two Elizabeth Drive, Chelmsford, MA, 01824-4195, USA
Ph: (508) 442 2681

Last Revision: 18:04 10-Jun-1996