Comp.Speech Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a regular posting to comp.speech which attempts to answer some of the regular questions in the comp.speech newsgroup. It covers speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech coding and a range of related material. It contains lists of speech technology software and hardware, including commerical products, public domain and freeware software, plus it contains over 500 links to speech technology sites and software.

The FAQ is not meant to discuss any topic exhaustively. It will hopefully provide readers with pointers on where to find useful information, especially material available on the Internet.

If you have not already read the Usenet introductory material posted to news.announce.newusers, please do. For help with FTP (file transfer protocol) look for a regular posting of anonymous FTP FAQ in comp.misc, comp.archives.admin or news.answers.

This FAQ is posted every 4 weeks to comp.speech, comp.answers and news.answers.

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Minor changes each month. Thanks to all the companies and individuals who send in information.


Hundreds of people and companies have made contributions to the comp.speech FAQ over the last few years - too many to name individually. Special thanks go to Tony Robinson and Kevin Lenzo who have provided a wide range of information and assistance. Tony Robinson also maintains the comp.speech ftp site which is an excellent resource for all people working with speech technology. I am grateful to the people at Sydney University, Cambridge University, ATR ITL and CMU for supporting the FAQ on their WWW sites.


The comp.speech FAQ and WWW pages are provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information presented here, the author assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.
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