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+ SpeechLinks: Speech Technology Hyperlinks Pages

* SpeechLinks: 500+ Speech Technology Links
* SpeechLinks: General Speech Technology Links
* SpeechLinks: Signal Processing for Speech
* SpeechLinks: Speech Coding
* SpeechLinks: Speech Synthesis
* SpeechLinks: Speech Recognition

+ List Of Software/Hardware

+ Update Times

+ Availability

+ Odds 'n Ends

+ FAQ Section 1: General Information on Speech Technology

* SpeechLinks: General
* Q1.1: What is comp.speech?
* Q1.2: comp.speech ftp site
* Q1.3: Common abbreviations and jargon
* Q1.4: Related newsgroups and mailing lists
* Q1.5: Associations, publications and conferences
* Q1.6: Handicap Aids
* Q1.7: Speech Databases
* Q1.8: Speech File Formats and Conversion
* Q1.9: Speech Laboratory Environments and Audio Editors
* Q1.10: Speech Research Sites
* Q1.11: Miscellaneous Software and Resources

+ FAQ Section 2: Signal Processing

* SpeechLinks: Signal Processing for Speech
* Q2.1: What sampling do I need for speech?
* Q2.2: Finding the pitch of a speech signal
* Q2.3: How do I find the start and end points of a speech signal?
* Q2.4: Where can I find FFT software?
* Q2.5: Signal processing in speech technology
* Q2.6: Speech sampling and signal processing hardware
* Q2.7: How do I convert to/from mu-law format?
* Q2.8: Signal Processing Software

+ FAQ Section 3: Speech Coding and Compression

* SpeechLinks: Speech Coding
* Q3.1: Speech compression techniques
* Q3.2: Information on speech coding and compression
* Q3.3: Speech Compression / Coding Software

+ FAQ Section 4: Natural Language Processing

* Q4.1: NLP References and Books
* Q4.2: NLP Software

+ FAQ Section 5: Speech Synthesis

* SpeechLinks: Speech Synthesis
* Q5.1: What is speech synthesis?
* Q5.2: How can speech synthesis be performed?
* Q5.3: References/Books on Synthesis
* Q5.4: Speech Synthesis on the WWW
* Q5.5: Speech Synthesis Software/Hardware

+ FAQ Section 6: Speech Recognition

* SpeechLinks: Speech Recognition
* Q6.1: What is speech recognition?
* Q6.2: How is speech recognition performed?
* Q6.3: How can I build a simple speech recogniser?
* Q6.4: References & books on speech recognition
* Q6.5: Speech Recognition Hardware/Software
* Q6.6: Speaker Recognition (Verification and Identification)
* Q6.7: Integrated Speech Products

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