CMU Communicator

Installation Requirements

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We have run the system successfully on a P3 450MHz machine, however we recommend the use of a 800MHz or faster CPU with 256MB of RAM, 600MB of disk, full-duplex soundcard, microphone or telephony hardware. Additional disk space is required for extensive speech/voice logging. Our current development platform is a dual Pentium 1GHz machine with 256MB of RAM and using a standard sound card for voice input. In this configuration, the system operates at 40-50% CPU load.

Operating System

At present, Windows 2000 is the only supported platform, although it should also work under Windows NT. Parts of Communicator depend on Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) or make use of Visual C++ idioms, so installation on Unix/Linux platform will require corresoinding changes. While a Linux port is planned for the future, the Windows release has been our first priority.
Note. Administrator privileges are required to carry out some portions of the installation.


MySQL 3.23 or latest compatible versions thereof. Communicator uses the database to service airport and geography queries. A MySQL database will be populated by the setup script; scripts for Oracle are not yet available; however, it is possible to populate the database manually.


Perl 5.6 or above. Communicator's database intereaction and web query components are implemented in Perl. Additional perl modules will automatically install as you enter the setup stage.

Internet Connectivity

In case you've considered running Communicator off the network, think again. Airline flight and pricing information are fetched live from the internet.

Optional Requirements


We recommend a good quality, head-mounted, noise-cancelling microphone for desktop use. We were satisfied with the Emkay MM106429 headset, the Andrea ANC 500 series, as well as the Telex H531.


The most cost-effective solution to a small-scale single-line telephony setup includes an echo cancellation box and a serial interface. Different setup is required if you wish to handle multiple lines. We have instructions on how to obtain and configure the hardware.


Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. This standard compiler is required only if certain parts of the system are modified and need to be recompiled.
Please email all comments and feedbacks to Yitao Sun.