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Quick Fixes and Updates

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Quick Fixes

March 29, 2002:

FestivalClient8K.exe dies for no apparent reason, with the error festival_clilent: gethostbyname failed.

Default security for Festival disallows any connections to be made outside of CMU Speech Group. A new security file will allow localhost connections to Festival. You can either download the new security file, or modify the existing one. The file should be placed in <ROOT>\festival\lib\

[update] If your computer is not properly identifiable by name (say due to a missing DNS record), the above fix may not work. In this case you should look at the name of the client that the Festival server "rejects" and use that one. You can find this information in the Festival server's window.

July 8, 2002:

Some otherwise reasonable travel dates are deemed by the system to be "too far in the future".

Travel web site has changed, slightly. The Quick Fix files contains updated scraping scripts. These should replace the corresponding files in <ROOT>\CMU\systems\abe, and the system restarted.

Please email all comments and feedbacks to Yitao Sun.